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"It takes me forever to write anything."

"My business is starting to exhaust me."

"I can't articulate what I want to say."

"I wish we had more impact."

"Sales are slowing."

"We aren't getting through to people."

Leading business owners are this boat too. But hey, it means you're in excellent company.

Excellent copywriting is REQUIRED if you want your brand to make an impact and secure your financial future. Are you with me?


Become the Agenda-setter...

With The Written Word Co, you get words that organically flow from my head and heart. You're getting intellectual property which means you won't see the same key phrases splashed all over the marketplace. This means YOU ARE THE AGENDA-SETTER.

Your brand won't ride waves, it will make them.

Specialising in...

Brand Voice
Brand Identity
Caption Libraries
Website Copy
Course Funnels
Product Packaging
Book Ghostwriting


Don't build a brand... Build a movement.

If you can communicate who you are and what you stand for, in a way that sells your wares on a grand scale, then your business is so much more than a business; it’s a profitable enterprise that adds value to people’s lives...


The Only Appreciating Asset in Your Business is Your Brand...

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Coaching Funnels

Modern marketing doesn't need to be spammy, scammy, sleazy or cheesy. It's about connecting with your audience, using compassion and insight. It's about understanding exactly where they are in the sales journey. That's where the magic happens! If you're a conscious, clever coach or mentor, it's time to get a course funnel that sells without selling.


"Empathy is My Superpower...

Leah's Story

Word on the Street

"Leah, it’s AMAZING you’re a superstar!! Thank you so much!! I loooove it. I can’t wait to see it come to life. Thank you thank you xxxx"

Jacqueline, Founder of Mindful and Co Kids

Word on the Street

"OMGeeeeee I.LOVE.THESE!!!!!!!! Ahhh you’ve just made my day! These are awesome. I CANNOT wait to use them. You have just made my life a zillion times easier." 

Nicole Bower, Founder of Ocean Tales

Word on the Street

"Thank you, Leah, for believing in us and our mission over the years. It’s such a pleasure to work with you and see the passion you have for our brand and Australian-made products."

Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace

Word on the Street

"OH MY HEART! LEAH!!! This is EXACTLY my energy & thoughts & feels and gahhhhh!! This IS a holy union!!"

Anna Richards, Founder of Self-love School

Word on the Street

"Omg I am so obsessed with this! Thank you so so much! This has really helped me with copy that feels professional and well written."

Madeleine Turney, Founder of The Thought Studio

Dedicated to Building Your Exclusive Brand Voice

SEO-driven success

Education in Creative Writing

Eco-friendly, ethical and artisanal focus

Attention to conversion through conversation 

Total alignment with your business growth goals 

Over a decade of experience in digital marketing and copywriting

Emphasis on empathy, emotion, and experience

Deep understanding of the full customer journey 

Grammar geek-ified content through artistic expression 


Building Brilliant Brands