Here Are My 10 Copywriting Trends to Watch in 2022

In this age, there is so much information coming our way. As consumers and viewers, we are trying to navigate a world where we are lending our attention to more strands of information at any given time than ever before.

The future of copywriting is always based on psychology, how people buy, how we interact, and, ultimately, it's about what people want. On that note, here are my 10 copywriting trends to watch in 2022. 

    1. BYE BYE BS. We're entering an era where curation and perfection are no longer desirable. When brands fail to have authenticity and transparency, they lose loyalty, trust, and connection. Brands will also stop writing ‘we’ when we all know that a single person is behind the writing, regardless of company size. If you’re a personal brand or expert, your own voice and persona will also become your brand voice. It doesn’t make sense – and it’s a major buzz kill - to have two different personas. Emails will sign off from a person or founder. Brands with honest copy will thrive.  
    2. IMPERFECTIONS. Grammar matters - I’m a grammar geek myself. Copywriting will walk a tightrope of spoken and written word, replicating banter and relying on fluidity to encourage reading. As much as I LOVE semicolons (I really do) they discourage the reader from staying engaged – and as copywriters and business owners, that’s our main gig.
    3. PERSONALISED ADS. Ad copy is pretty generic right now. You’re seeing personalisation at a detailed level via email already. I predict you’ll see your name and more personalised copy in ads.
    4. NARROWED TARGETING. Anyone in advertising knows how frustrating it is to cast a wide net into the stratosphere, then constantly edit that net until you hit the right audience. AI will get crystal clear on your audience – even if you don’t know who they are - and help serve your ads to the right people.
    5. SIMPLIFICATION. This sounds simple enough but it’s the hardest part about being a copywriter. Email marketing strategies will include 50% long-form emails and 50% succinct emails. Anyone can write pages and pages of content, yet superior copywriters can distil those walls of text into magnetic, mouth-watering, must-click copy.
    6. BRAND OVER DISCOUNTS. Rather than providing a discount offer every other weekend, brands will learn to elevate and promote in new ways. They’ll sharpen up their brand voice, product offering, and visuals. For promos, they’ll offer up. Receive a complimentary scarf with every foundation purchase. Luxury brands are already doing it. Why? It puts money in the bank, moves unwanted stock, creates hype, and invites your audience to enjoy your extended product range.
    7. SEE YA LATER SEO. Meta descriptions matter because they’re what your audience see in a Google listing, but with 1.7 billion websites alongside yours, Google ads are better way of being seen. Pay someone to create your ads instead hustling for organic visibility – or create a kick ass brand that sells itself. And collaborations are key - but think bigger than you’re currently thinking.
    8. CONSUMER PURPOSE. We’ve seen companies all over the world in every industry lean into ethical and environmental practices (or at least green washing it all over their copy). But what we haven’t leaned into is the purpose and impact of the individual. If consumers only truly care about themselves (biology reigns), I predict that copywriting will begin to focus on how a purchase affects the user and the way they play a part in humanity at large. Copy will intentionally focus on the way consumers can leave a legacy beyond their own lifetimes. Coming generations will pay more attention to personal growth and purpose. Nobody wants to be nobody anymore.
    9. MASTERCLASSES RISE. Every expert, teacher, mentor, or coach with something to share will be adding webinars, masterclasses, and digital courses to their agenda. They’ll need graphic artists to pretty them up and copywriters to deliver them in a way that ensure people are hooked from start to finish.
    10. SERIAL COPY. Ever binged through an entire series on Netflix in one sitting... each episode handing you just enough to keep you coming back for more, leaving you with a cliffhanger so you simply can't desert the series without it consuming your thoughts? Copy will adopt this serial behaviour across email and other platforms to keep you coming back for more. 

In short, knowing that consumers want to be better humans, we as copywriters, business owners and marketers will need to create copy that speaks to the individual by enhancing personalisation and conversational words, and blending influence with storytelling.

Really, it's the way marketing has always been - or always should have been - and we need to get better at it. 

If you think you're missing a piece of the connective puzzle with your audience and aren't sure how to mend it, I am here to help you elevate your brand voice. Click here to find out how.