4 Website Secrets You Need to Know Now

These four hacks alone will do wonders for your web copy, traffic and conversion. If you're having a rough time getting sales through the web door, try these four simple tricks that no one is talking about. 

Keep it simple.

People need to land on your website and understand what you do, immediately. Don't waste time with fluffy filler words, fancy fonts and complicated designs on your homepage. Keep. It. Simple. (Yet informative!) 

Optimise your copy.

Invite the world into your world! A fabulous site is futile if no one gets the chance to see it. I'm about to give away my biggest tip here that will help you rise to the top of a search engine: Use Wordtracker.com to optimise your copy. Using keywords carefully throughout your copy will make a huge difference to SEO. AND! It's a free tool! So simple and effective. 

Flesh out your product pages. 

When it comes to product pages, add more copy here than you think necessary. Fill it with more buttons than you can find in a haberdashery store. 

Encourage behaviour flow. 

All too often I see websites with dead ends on product pages, or backwards steps or sideways offerings. Think about the customer journey at every step and page. No page on your website should be a dead end. Feature products and CTAs at the end of every page and blog. Keep people moving forward in their journey! 

Good luck with these!

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