7 Ways to Write a More Compelling About Page

Today is a friendly reminder to overhaul your About page on your website.

Why? A hella load of reasons but here are a few:

Well, firstly, Google loathes stale websites, pushing them down, down, down in organic priority because it thinks your business is DEAD. Gosh. 

Secondly, Google needs more words to scan and detect keywords for which your customers will be searching.

Thirdly, Google isn't out to get you. It wants your customer to have a great experience on your website. How can your customer do that if they don’t know who you are, what you’re about, and why you started your phenomenal business?

52% of people visit your About page and it's ultra-important for connecting with new visitors. This is where they'll establish whether you're someone they want to buy from. And if they don't like it? They'll leave. If you don't tell them who you are? They're outta here. Keep them on your website longer? Google will favour you even more.

So, how to level up your About page with more compelling copy?

  1. LITTLE YOU. Describe the moment when this element first arrived in your life. It could be that you were given a professional camera for your 16th birthday. Tell us all about it!
  2. YOUR WHY. Describe the moment you knew this had to be a business. Whether it was that undeniable fire in your belly, you noticed a need in the marketplace, or you had a problem of your own that simply needed solving.
  3. A BUSINESS WAS BORN. Tell your audience about the time when you realised this was more than a project or hobby; we want to hear about the pivotal points in your business, especially the one when you knew people were excited and willing to pay for your product or service.
  4. THE HOW. Take us behind the scenes of how your product is made, or how you do the thing you do.
  5. YOUR SUPERPOWER. Describe in detail your unique superpowers that make your business more special than any competitor. Tell us why we should buy from you, without telling us. Let us know why you’re the industry leader. Also known as your USPs, we need to understand why you're unique and special, and why you're 'the one' for us. 
  6. PRODUCT PUSH. Don’t forget to finish your About page with your three best-selling items. No page is a dead end!
  7. NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE. Let’s face it, your face is a recognisable and unique element of your brand. If you don’t show it anywhere else, be sure to show that pretty mug right here. 

Oh and here's a bonus one ~ Don't forget to fully embrace and connect with your audience. Even though this page is 'about you', it truly needs to be all... about... them.

What is your unique superpower that makes your brand the best in the biz?! Message me on IG to get the conversation started!