Copywriting Secrets that No One is Talking About

If you're a small business owner, you've probably worked out by now that copywriting can take up huge amounts of your time and energy. In fact, it's a major part of your brand. With email campaigns, website updates, SEO copy, blogs, articles, media releases, product packaging, product descriptions, social media... the copy list is endless for your business. I know you're here because you want do better. You want to write better. That's why I'm offering you my innermost copywriting secrets; the ones I've kept up my writer's sleeve just for you. 
  • Open a book. 

Before you even begin to write copy, my tip is this: read more books. To effectively communicate in the written word, you need to eyeball MORE of it. But here’s the kicker: Audio, blogs and articles won’t cut it. I swear by the reading of books; they allow you to absorb well-written words and stories, with emotion and layers that simply don’t exist on any other platform.

  • Store it. 

Create a place where you can contain all your notes on the go. Whether that’s Planoly, the Google Sheets app or a beautiful notebook, writers need a hub to capture their thoughts. What’s the point in a life-changing line if you forget it tomorrow? 

  • Schedule time. 

Sitting down to write is the only way you’ll get the job done. Thinking about it is not the same thing. Schedule it in. When you sit down to the keyboard, I promise you, creativity will ensue. 📝

  • Create an inspiring space. 

Create a beautiful space where you feel comfortable to write freely.

  • Get an editor.

Some of my clients simply loathe writing, and that’s ok! (Keeps me in a job!) And some are inspired creatives who simply need their work polished. If you’ve spent hours on a project and it’s not coming together, hire an editor. It’s an investment in your work and it’s valuable time that could be spent on doing what you do best. 👸

  • Research. 

Get the facts right to support any claims. No one likes a smoke blower.

  • Add a CTA. 

If you’re writing copy for your business then it’s likely that you’re trying to sell something. Therefore, all copywriting needs to end in a call to action. Whether that’s clicking a link, reading a blog or buying a product, don’t forget your CTA.

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