Cringe-worthy Copy Phrases that Are Dead to Me (and Stupendous Alternatives)

People are sick of being sold to; your audience is smarter than that. Give them something new or they’ll love you and leave you. 

Good copy inspires people to believe you’re the best, trust in your opinion, and need something they didn’t know they needed. To follow, I’ve listed some cringe-worth copy phrases that are dead to me, and some stupendous alternatives. 

1. Empathy.  

  • I feel you.
  • We get it. (You automatically sound like you don’t, and I’m clicking away.)

2. Innovation.

  • World’s first…
  • Never been done before. 
  • Cutting edge. 
  • Pioneering the industry. (Can you claim that?)

3. Creating FOMO. 

  • Secret sauce.
  • The next big thing.
  • Are you searching for...? 
  • For a limited-time only. 
  • You don’t want to miss this. (Don’t)
  • You’ll never look back. (Head on back to the 80s.)

4. Courses or Expertise.

  •  Skyrocket sales.
  • Your next million-dollar idea. (No one cares about a million dollars anymore.)

5. Testimonial.

  •  Don’t just take our word for it… 

6. Pandemic.

  • Now, more than ever…
  • The new normal.
  • Unprecedented times. (Overused, and pandemics have happened before.) 

So, which phrasing can you use instead? Here is my list of words that sell without selling.  

Depending on your business and brand voice, you can tailor these to suit you. 

1. Empathy. 

  • I’ve been there too. 
  • I can understand that feeling down to my bones.
  • My heart knows this all too well.
  • I remember that feeling. 
  • I've felt this way, too.
  • It's not easy. 
  • You're very brave.
  • You're not alone. 

2. Innovation. 

  • Setting the new agenda.
  • A breakthrough phenomenon. 
  • Here’s something new. 
  • Out with the old. 
  • We’ve tweaked the old. 
  • A revolutionary experience. 
  • How about this?! 
  • It’s time to break the rules. 
  • We don’t think outside the box - we don’t even see the box. 
  • Forget the way things have always been done. 
  • Think differently.
  • Do it new. 
  • The new alternative. 
  • Leading the charge. 

3. Creating FOMO. 

  • Elevated craftsmanship and minimal runs.
  • Hand-crafted, limited pieces.
  • Special-edition collection. 
  • Member-only access. 
  • I'm not sure we'll ever do this again.
  • I'll let you in on a secret. 
  • Hordes of people are already involved. 
  • Only 60 pieces left in the world. 
  • Premium nature, limited numbers. 
  • Exclusive VIP access. (Use time-restricted offers, and limited stock strategies.) 
4. Courses or Expertise.  
  • Boost sales. 
  • Elevate your offer. 
  • On the precipice of great things. 
  • I’m inviting those who are ready to look forward. 
  • This will change the game. 
  • See that your gifts transform the world.
  • Every idea is phenomenal; it’s time to elevate your execution.
  • This is your front row seat to see how it’s done.
  • The you that makes you unique.

5. Testimonials.

  • Here’s what they’re all saying. 
  • What they said.
  • Endorsed by...
  • In the press.

6. Pandemic.

  • The new world that was always waiting.
  • A whole new world.
  • Set in a new landscape.
  • With eyes and hearts now open.
  • With boundaries released.

Let me know what you think of this list over on Instagram! Are there any copy phrases that make you cringe too?