How to Write Clever Copy for Your Brand

There are many tricks to writing clever copy for your brand, so I've come up with the CLEVER rule, so you can be sure to tick all the boxes - wherever your copy lives (hint: it's everywhere!)

Modern communication doesn’t need to be spammy, scammy, sleazy or cheesy. It’s about speaking to your customers as though they are your friends, confidants and family. As though they MATTER. Because, guess what? They do. To follow, I've listed 7 ways to write clever copy for your brand. 

Is your brand messaging -

Compassionate ~ when your message uses compassion, to understand the pain points of your customer. 

Legitimate ~ is your copy authentic? Is it true to you? 

Empathetic ~ Does it come from your heart? Have you been in your customer's shoes? Tell us your story. You can tap into people's minds as much as you like, but if you don't tap into their heart, your product will drown in a sea of competitors. 

Valuable ~ Does your communication hold value? Is it going to change lives, help people or fulfil their burning desires? Be sure to remain valuable. It doesn't matter if they don't love you, but it does matter that they NEED you. Ensure you're letting people know why YOUR product matters above anyone else's. 

Educational ~ Are you providing a message that is new or articulated in a new way? Deliver information and education in your messages. 

Recognisable ~ Be sure that your copy is unique to you and your brand. If you want to be a leader in your field, then it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing and saying. Your message should be consistently YOU. 

In a word, is your brand messaging CLEVER?
Remember my CLEVER rule, and💥 you’ll have a banging business.
Words are the difference between extraordinary brands and mediocre ones; make no mistake. A good copywriter won’t.