The 2nd Biggest Mistake New Biz Owners Make in Their Comms

Today is the day, for the 2nd biggest mistake that I see new business owners make!

Drum roll please…

But first, a quick story. Last week, I received an email from a personal brand that sells social media bootcamps. I hadn't received an email from this particular person in over a year. This email was selling me a new course. I can't even remember what it was about. It was like being emailed by a friend after not having heard from them in over a year and now they were asking me to babysit their siamese cat while they take a NQ vacay, sipping on Pina coladas. I think that qualifies for a hard delete of the email, and maybe worse... an unsubscribe.

Therein lies the 2nd biggest mistake. 

They neglect to email their audience on a regular basis. 


They email their audience when they want something – “I want you to take action on xyz,” or, “I want you to buy my stuff.” 

Email marketing is the best way to deliver results and remains the highest ROI marketing activity to this day and beyond.

When people subscribe to your email list, they’re invested in you and your brand. 
But they have an expectation.
They want value in their inbox, not spam. 
Instagram and Facebook could die (they already have a few hectic times), and Tik Tok can fall over. Heck, even your website can crash. The ONLY thing you truly own in your business that gets you sales, and makes your business a saleable asset, is your database. 
BILLIONS of emails are sent out every day. How are you going to stand out?
It’s not enough to write a lame email from a ready-made template or A.I. tool.
It’s not enough to simply hope that your headline will get more opens this week. 
It’s not enough to be mediocre. 
And it’s ABSOLUTELY not enough to pretend your database fell off the Earth and not email them at all.

 To make an impact in the inbox... you need to know how to tell relatable stories, create emotional romance, and craft emails that speak to YOUR people. So, that one day, when you do ask them to buy – well, they actually want to. 
Because people buy from people they know, like and trust. 
Your audience wants to hear from you and the connection in their inbox is the best way to do it, beyond any other social platform. 
Create emails that feel special – as though your recipient is opening their physical mailbox and opening a letter, giving them no possible chance to delete it. You want them to be SO excited to hear what you have to say. 
So, PLEASE add this to your to-do list - lock in that weekly communication. Your people will LOVE you for it and you will be bathing in the fruits of your labour. 
Still reading? Exactly. 
PS. If you need help strategising and executing a killer e-newsletter plan that gets opens, clicks AND sales, check out this thing I do. Your business will love you!