The 3rd Biggest Mistake New Biz Owners Make in Their Comms

Big mistake - HUGE...

This week I want to share with you the third biggest mistake I see new business owners make when it comes to writing their own copy. 

They copy. 

Yep - they copy their copy. 

When a rookie business owner writes their own website, it often goes like this -

Copy and paste...

A little bit of this - from a competitor. 

And a little bit of that - from an aspirational site. 
And a lot of this - from an email they saved. 
And a lot of that - from a caption they once read.

And what they end up with is a melange of thoughts, words, ideas, voices, language, CTAs and expressions. 

So that, even if the reader could follow the context of the wording, they DON'T BUY INTO IT...

...and if they don't buy into it, they don't buy at all. 

The last thing you want to do is confuse your reader. 

My best advice to combat this menagerie is to sit down to a blank screen and simply write. 

  1.  See what comes from your head and heart. Be AUTHENTICALLY YOU. 
  2.  Think to yourself, "I'm going to write this badly." It will give you the freedom to unleash something wonderful. 
  3.  Then? Edit later. Come back to it tomorrow. Edit again. 
  4.  Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on who is reading, and what matters to them. 

THIS is where the magic happens. 

Stay tuned for the 2nd biggest mistake newbies are making with their feather wands. 


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