The 4 Essential Pillars of Your Brand Story

Dear creative business owners,

You are now a storyteller.

“HOW do I tell my story?!” I hear you ask. “Where do I even start?” Use these kickstarters, grab a blank screen and get typing.

1. BIG BANG. The moment you first came into this space; you bought your first Polaroid camera or sewing machine. You made daisy chain necklaces as a child and now you’re a jeweller. You get the idea. This is YOUR beautiful, soulful story that sounds hella boring to you but oh-so glorious to everyone else.

2. WHY THOUGH. The moment you realised you were MEANT to do this as a business. Remember that ‘WOW, THIS IS A THING!’ moment? When you realised people needed or wanted your product or service? Write a story around that.

3. OH SHUCKS. The part that testifies to your magnificence - probably a testimonial. Or even the moment you first used your own product and how it changed your life!!

4. WHERE IT’S AT. Write about where you live and where your product is made! Your surroundings are more fascinating than you know.

The point is, LET US IN! We want to know about you and how this magical product came into being. If you stick to these four pillars, you’ll have a grand brand story on your hands for the lifetime of your business that you can redistribute across all channels. This is the good stuff, the stuff that resonates. Start now! Tell me your story here.