The Next Wave of Marketing

Catchy, immersive content is about to take over. 💥 Content underlined by empathy, connection, diversity, experience, emotion, and personalisation.

The thing is -

There’s no use anymore in putting out content that is a one-way conversation.

Whether you’re in products or services, the teacher/student model is over. ❌

No longer telling and instructing our audiences, the next wave of communications will be a two-way conversation.

Ideas on how to be more immersive:

👏Make it interactive; post surveys and polls as campaigns and product launches rather than another boring video.

👏Share personal stories. When I shop my local markets, the first thing I say is, “Tell me the story behind your brand.” An engaged, lasting buyer buys your story before they buy your product.

👏People invest in brands that consistently invest in their audience. Posting regular blogs, videos, and e-newsletters will serve you well in the long run.

👏Throw m around you, and collaborate with others. The more people you meet, the more memorable your brand becomes.

👏Ask your audience what they think about certain movements related to your field.

👏Invite your people to send you videos of unboxing or using your product in an interesting way.

👏 Create a comp for naming your next product for launch!

The list is endless!

What do you think? Are you going to be interactive in your marketing? Share your ideas here!