Why Your Brand Should Be More Like Emily in Paris

I don't know about you but being marketed to all day long can be exhausting and, frankly, boring.

Because cliche after cliche in the palm of your hand feels as though you're sitting at a French cafe and ordering les escargots and frog legs, s'il vous plait. 

If you haven't noticed, marketing is getting a facelift, and content is having a full-blown lobotomy.

The thing is - 

There’s no use putting out content anymore that is a one-way conversation. 

Whether you’re in products or services, the teacher/student model is over. 

No longer telling and instructing our audiences, the next wave of communications will be a two-way conversation. 

Catchy, immersive content is about to take over. Content underlined by empathy, connection, diversity, experience, emotion, and personalisation. 

Ideas on how to be more immersive: 

  1. Make it interactive; post surveys and polls as campaigns and product launches rather than another boring video. 
  2. Share personal stories. When I shop at local markets, the first thing I say is, “Tell me the story behind your brand.” An engaged, lasting customer buys your story before they buy your product. 
  3. People invest in brands that consistently invest in their audience. Posting regular blogs, videos, and e-newsletters will serve you well in the long run. 
  4. Throw mini events around you, and collaborate with others. The more people you meet, the more memorable your brand becomes. 
  5. Ask your audience what they think about certain movements related to your field. 
  6. Invite your people to send you videos of them unboxing or using your product in an interesting way. Tie in your brand values. Is it fun, authentic, ridiculous, humanitarian, playful, soothing, or erotic? 
  7. Create a comp for naming your next product for launch! 

The list is endless! DM me here if you have any other fabulous ideas.

Whichever campaigns you decide to launch, remember this:

The copy must relate to the way your audience feels. Don't even try to sell something; it simply doesn't work that way anymore. 

And if you want to be even more inspired in the field of marketing, tune into Emily in Paris .