Eco-friendly Laundry


Up to two thirds of fashion’s carbon footprint occurs after it has been purchased. This is actually good news because it means that we can all have a sufficient impact on helping the environment. If you care for your garments, they can live with you forever; now that’s our kind of dress. Each item is unique so be sure to check the care label on your garment. In general, here are some tips to do your bit.


Where washing is required, we recommend only washing as needed. Firstly, this saves water, detergent, chemicals, and energy, not to mention, reducing your water bill. Secondly, there is a strong movement towards retaining our original way of life – it seems we have all been over-washing for the better part of last century! The next time you wish to wash your garment, double check whether you can get away with a spot clean – a little dab can make a big difference.


Line drying our clothes instead of tumble drying for just six months out of the year can eliminate up to 320kgs of greenhouse gases annually. In addition to this, line drying your clothes extends the life of your garments. But most importantly, natural drying is a part of our ethos of living peacefully and finding joy in ordinary tasks; how lovely is it to hang fresh washing on a breezy balcony? Also, it’s super chic and a little bit Italiano.  


Give hot water the cold shoulder. Washing our garments with cold water saves energy and helps give our clothes extra life as heat breaks down fibres. It also helps prevent carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.


If it’s only a little mark, a little spot cleaner is all you need.


Consider changing your washing machine from top-loader to front-loader. Studies show that laundering in a top-load machine sheds five times as many microfibres into our waterways than front-loader machines do.


When drycleaning, we recommend asking your local if they use chemicals like Perc and avoid the toxic stuff. Also, BYO your own reusable garment bags and hangers.


We love getting crafty and making our own washing powder. If you’re feeling a bit Mama Nature, spend an afternoon mixing equal parts washing soda, borax and grated natural soap, then store your creation in a jar or tin. Just for fun, you can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, lemon, wild orange or frankincense. How GOOD.