How to Stay Sustainable at Christmas

Eat It Up

Let’s be honest, the entire festive season is based around food – sitting down to a meal with loved ones until we are bursting at the seams. With that in mind, we’ll be shopping up a grocery storm. To combat food waste, we will be bringing containers and telling our friends to break out the Tupperware too, so everything eventually gets eaten whilst avoiding that single-use plastic wrap. We’ll also be shopping local – the butcher, baker and fishmonger down the road all need our love, and the planet will thank us for the reduced miles.

Tree Hug

There’s been a lot of debate lately about whether to own a plastic Christmas tree for 20 years, or to chop down a fresh pine every year. Which is the most eco option? We have a couple of ideas up our sustainable sleeve –  decorate a tree in your garden or create your own wall-hanging tree! Start by collecting twigs and build your way to something beautiful. The satisfaction of your handmade tree is not only insta-worthy, it will be a beautiful artwork for years to come.

That’s a Wrap

Not many people realise that Gift Wrap is a total creep at Christmas who is flying under the recycling radar. It’s often laden with plastics, laminates, foiling, glitter, glue and chemical dyes that can’t be recycled. Using fabric scraps, children’s artwork, your own artwork, or newspaper can look super chic with a sprig of rosemary and some twine. If you don’t DIY, then fear not. Words With Heart, are sustainably produced with 100% recycled paper stocks, vegetable inks and green electricity, and every item sold funds a specific number of education days for women and girls. You had me at education. 

Give Back 

We always say we are going to do it. But how to make time to give back? Schedule it in, post-it note it on your desk top, magnetise it to your fridge: Organise a beach cleanup, carry out random acts of kindness, support a cause that makes your heart flutter, or simply donate your time to sit with Grandma for a good old yarn. The Smith Family is an easy place to start with their toy and book appeal. And remember, giving back is the best gift you can give to yourself.