The Green Hub Launch

Leah Elson

Over the weekend, we had the honour of meeting Kira Simpson, editor of The Green Hub, at the launch of her magazine. So inspired were we by the conversations, that we didn’t want to leave the event!

We were surrounded by women who are making small changes in their daily lives, and who are challenging what has long been considered acceptable in the manufacture of goods.

With Kira’s down to earth and honest approach on conscious living, she had us at hello, and we are devouring every word of the intelligent mag on sustainability. It also doesn’t hurt that the content is visually delicious.

“What we need more of in the ethical space are brands designing beautifully made, timeless pieces that we can wear to those special occasions in our lives like weddings and birthdays. I feel like The Love of Grace is filling that gap.” – Kira Simpson

On the launch of the mag, Kira says, “This magazine is for you. The ones who challenge the status quo. The revolutionaries who think differently and want to make a positive impact on the world.”

Here’s to the women who see things differently, who push the human race forward.

When we asked Kira what she thought ethical fashion might look like in ten years; “Hopefully, it’s just called fashion. I hope that brands make ethics and sustainability part of their business DNA, that sustainable fashion becomes the norm rather than the niche.” Cheers to that.Discover more at