You Knew That Reading to Your Child was Important, But Did You Know...

You knew that reading to your child was important, but did you know that reading to your child…

🗣Helps them understand sounds, language, and develop literacy skills which are the foundations of all other learning 

📖 Learn valuable communication skills, tone, inflection, character types, and storytelling 

📚 Provides an appreciation of books

🧘‍♀️ Instills mindfulness and a calm demeanour  

☮️ Reduces stress and anxiety 

💭 Sparks their imagination 

🤩 Stimulates curiosity

🧠 Develops your child’s brain, improving cognitive development, memory, focus, concentration, and social skills

🦄 Teaches them the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe’

❤️ Allows them to grasp new or frightening events, and manage their emotions alongside those events 

🌎 Encourages your child to learn about the world and other cultures

💕 Fosters connection between you and your child

🤔 Develops critical thinking 

🥳 Creates lasting life-long memories 

✍️ Increases their vocabulary 

Not to mention it’s entertaining and fun for YOU to get into character and truly be present in the moment together with your child. 

After all, that’s all they really want from us. 

Is it time for a story, yet?
Love Leah xx

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