I Know a Secret About Your Business

Listen up. Or read up, as it were. 

Did you know...

🙅‍♀️ Your greatest business goal isn’t to create viral reels.

🙅‍♀️ It’s not even to make an income.

✅ Your greatest goal as a business owner is always this - to create a sellable asset.

When we spend time on platforms like Instagram, the major social media experts will always be at the top of our feeds, telling us how to run a successful IG page. This is how the engine works, pushing this message into our minds.

Through this - they subconsciously plant the idea that Instagram is the most important part of our business.

It isn’t.

We get caught on the social media train, treating our business like we are content creators rather than legitimate business owners.

We collectively need to get off this train, and work towards something far greater. How?

❌ Stop trying to create an income. 

✔️ Create a sellable asset, instead. 

When I first meet with my clients, one of my first questions is:

What is your single-most income-producing asset within the business? 

Whether it’s a speaking gig, auction, tangible item, live event, masterclass, service, or book, everyone has something that is working for them.

We go on to talk about how to highlight that asset in their branding and comms.

Because here's the thing - 

You should always be building your company as though it's a sellable asset. And to do that...

You need to build a brilliant brand. 

I'm not talking about a logo - you already have that. I'm talking about brand voice - the key words, slogans, values, and messages that make your company a one-of-a-kind, crowd-loving, highly-valuable asset; far more valuable than your house. 

And finally, I'm taking my own advice. 

I’m changing this business model. 

Stay tuned.

Gratitude beyond,

Leah xx 

If you're ready to build your brand voice and create a sellable asset, email me at hello@thewrittenwordco.com and I'll get back to you in two shakes of a lamb's tail.