30 Ways to Survive (Another) Lockdown

While our dear friends in Melbourne welcome their freedom with open arms, our London comrades reluctantly step into their second ‘lockdown’, which, for the sake of sanity, I'm going to rebrand as a 'Revival'.

Revival, n. an improvement in the condition, strength or fortunes of someone, or something. A restoration to life or consciousness.

It's now clear that a second Revival could happen to any of us, in any location, at any time. With that in mind, I'll be taking it as another opportunity to switch off, tune out and retreat as nature regains her composure and redefines her status as the only leader on the planet who truly has any power. Yes indeed, the planet itself.

Meanwhile, as we wait impatiently in our homes, we are handed the chance to take refuge from the overload and excess that once occupied our minds, bodies, hearts, homes, calendars and the Earth. 

So, with a Revival on our doorstep at any given moment, I’ve compiled 30 ways to survive and thrive in your own living room. This is my note to you, dear friends over the ocean, and whomever shall be confined to four walls once again. Let it be a rejuvenation.

  1. Order a cheese board box from Guilty Pleasures or your local cheese board delivery service and have yourself a merry little carpet picnic, complete with dessert wine. Or grab takeaway, and set up your dining table as though you're in a restaurant. 
  2. Take an online yoga class to negate the cheese. Now Yoga is recording their live sessions on IGTV so you can watch and practice yoga from anywhere, anytime. And they’re brilliant.
  3. Turn up the music and dance with one another!
  4. Go for a run. Why the heck not, you have nowhere else to be.
  5. Puzzles are a fantastic way to pass time whilst improving memory.
  6. Read a real magazine!
  7. Take a bath.
  8. Discover a new hobby.
  9. Frame some printed photos.
  10. Get crafty – make a zero-waste Christmas wreath.
  11. Play board games.
  12. Watch movies.
  13. Bake up a storm.
  14. Do your taxes. 
  15. Create a budget if you haven’t already.
  16. Read a life-changing book. Here are my top nine.
  17. Go for evening walks as a family. There’s something about walking at night together that feels so cathartic. Grab a takeaway cocktail while you're at it!
  18. Buy yourself some fresh flowers – you'll never appreciate them more than right now. 
  19. Watch a doco or a masterclass and learn something new! I downloaded Masterclass.com and replaced my Netflix binge.
  20. Create a vision board.
  21. Phone a friend.
  22. Phone a grandparent.
  23. Update your CV.
  24. Start a business.
  25. Plant a herb garden. 
  26. Declutter: Reorganise your wardrobe, clean your pantry and beautify your workspace. 
  27. Files, photos, emails - spring clean your digital abyss. 
  28. Renovate or redecorate your space.
  29. Go camping in your own backyard.
  30. Learn to meditate with Nicole King Wellbeing. 

Or, simply do nothing. For once, you’re allowed.

Importantly, if you're working from home, take regular breaks and remember to stretch.

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing on this list during Revival? I know it's easy for me to say all of this with my front door wide open, but I genuinely hope you can make the most of this rare, weird and wonderful time. xx