How to Support Ukrainian Civilians from a Distance

The tragic, inhumane, relentless brutality of 1939-45 that my family endured is now resurfacing. Beyond my wildest imagination, I never thought it could happen again. Ever. 

Humans were evolving, learning, growing, improving with each generation. 

80 years ago, six million Jews were barbarically murdered on grounds of appearance and religion. And Jews weren’t the only groups targeted on appearance. This hits home hard. 

I want to stop this current madness with every bone in my body. But admittedly I wouldn’t be the Australian soldier to offer myself in Ukraine’s defence. So, what is a broken, by-standing citizen to do?

I realise there are two wars going in right now - the one with the Earth’s atmosphere, and the one with a small inner circle of ancient, Russian men who are also threatening their own people, as they pathetically try to claim more space and power without much of a plan other than brutal intimidation. 

And so, we are being pulled in many directions, wondering how we can help.

⛑ UNICEF is rebuilding schools that have been bombed, and relocating mothers and small children. Organisations like this can’t exist without our support. Currently, I support UNICEF monthly for the betterment of women in the fast fashion system, however I’ll be donating further. UNICEF is also appealing for a suspension of ongoing military actions to allow families access to food, water, and medical care. Millions are yet to flee. 

⛑ Counter Putin’s information strategy. To claim that Russia is a victim of Ukrainian neo-Nazis is ridiculous. He claims that Ukraine might soon have weapons of mass destruction. In this, his ego feels he is rebuilding Russia from humiliation. Russian citizens will liken his argument to that of a drunk, raving lunatic of a grandfather at a family gathering. You can help counter his messaging by learning more about his information strategy and sharing the truth. This is not a Russian war on Ukraine. It is war of choice entirely attributable to detached lunacy that happens to be in leadership.

⛑ Support and reach out to friends and colleagues who have family in Ukraine, Russia, or Poland. 

⛑The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations is holding events to raise awareness. There were rallies across the country over the weekend and more planned. 

⛑ And finally, take care of your own mental health during this time in whichever way that works for you, whether that’s tapping into gratitude or reading a book in the bath. We can’t pour from empty cups. 

Thank you for reading this and for looking, when it can be so much easier to look away. 

Image: The Atlantic