What Makes Humanity So Extraordinary

I'm still wearing a mask, visiting my psychologist.  

Why am I telling you this?

Honestly, I don't enjoy admitting my flaws in this vulnerable and open-for-judgement space. 

But May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I have not been ok, so I'm bringing awareness to it. Most days are exceptional.

Some days - unbearable. 

If you have days when you think, "By George, how do all these people have it ALL TOGETHER?!" They don't. We don't. 

When I started this page, I had the intention of building a community. The word is overused now, but then, I wanted to create a space that felt like home, where you loved words too, and if you didn't then I would help you love them so your business would feel easy.

I had been copywriting in other businesses for ten years already, and was never sure that this would or could become a legitimate business on its own two feet. 

So, I'm genuinely grateful that I stepped into an industry that is thriving beyond my imagination, and that my regulars are the ULTIMATE humans. 

But -

While business may be thriving - that doesn't always mean that I am. 

I'm still a Mum behind the scenes, trying to do her best to raise a well-adjusted, fun-loving, and kind little human. I'm still an author knocking on bookstore doors, getting ghosted every other minute. I'm still a wife navigating a marriage steeped in 17 years of love and pain. I’m still a little sister wondering why something feels like it's missing - because her brother is.

The journey of self-development is incredible; knowing yourself is an honour. However, it comes with this layer of self-analysis that can be confronting to ingest, and an extra layer of always trying to be better, which inadvertently makes us feel like we aren’t quite enough. 

So, maybe we need to press pause on the information absorbed, and trust ourselves a little more as our ancestors did for eons - they were probably far more chill. 80s parents were definitely more chill. 

If you're experiencing any anguish today, this month, or ever, I'm always here for you to chat privately on DM. 

My heart fills for you because, honestly, we are all going through something. And maybe that’s precisely what makes humanity so extraordinary.