My Story
I can slice my childhood right down the middle; one part fairy tale, one part tragedy. It was at this middle point when I began to write.
At the time, I could never verbally articulate how I was feeling, but somehow my pen always knew what to do. Writing was like another friend who happened to be the best listener. Nine-year-olds generally don’t like to discuss sadness and I don’t blame them; usually and thankfully they haven’t yet been acquainted. And, outwardly, I continued to be a happy little girl. So, I found solace on paper.
The first poem I ever wrote won a state prize which, even then, I considered a sympathy vote. Now I recognise that I was able to pen something that most kids, and maybe adults, aren’t able to: Grief with light.
In adolescence, the scribbling evolved into a whole lot of poetry about boys and English was my favourite subject at school, despite and because of my terrifying teacher. Later, I composed children’s books, inspired by a big-hearted little girl named Bronte. Around that time, I took to studying again at the AWC, wildly typing in a grey room overlooking Sydney Harbour. I’m not bad at a birthday card, but thought it probably wasn’t a valid profession going on Seek. And that was the extent of it.
I love writing. I can’t stop writing. Who knows if I’m any good at it but I do know that Little Me loved it too. If there’s something you loved to do as a child, maybe you could do that. Little You knows you better than anyone.
My Purpose
This company is an accumulation of 26 years of words. It’s a childhood flooded with poetry that brought me out of tragedy into spiritual comfort. It’s my offering to businesses in the form of words that are carefully constructed to articulate your brand.
My Mission
My mission is to take your business to the next level. Make no mistake, copywriting is sales in disguise. I created The Written Word Co so you can get more sales, stress less and live more. 
Your Business is Your Baby
I know your business is your passion project, your labour of love and your legacy, but it's also your livelihood. That’s why I’m committed to translating your heart onto screen.
At my core, I believe words are the foundation of any successful business.
The Written Word Co is filling the gap for growing businesses who understand the need for exceptional content and copy, but don't have the resources, expertise, or time to execute effective and ongoing campaigns.
That's Why I Write Copy with Heart that SELLS.
If you can communicate who you are and what you stand for, in a way that sells your wares on a grand scale, then your business is so much more than a business; it’s a profitable enterprise that adds value to people’s lives. Because your success, and the success of others, really does begin with The Written Word.
How My Affair Became a Marriage.
Having worked in the fashion industry for 15 years, as Creative Director, Designer, or Garment Technician, I always had one leg deep in digital marketing, especially in content and copy. I finally made the switch to full-time writing whilst working at Grace Loves Lace.
That's when my affair with words became a relationship.
Knowing that people wanted more than just promises, I saw a gap. Experts, celebrities, and founders everywhere had something to say. They just didn't know how to say it. They needed to reach more people with words that sell.
I've been passionate about words since I was ten years old and have been writing for brands and businesses for over a decade. But it wasn't until I launched The Written Word Co in 2020 - yes, in the middle of a pandemic - that my love for writing became a full-blown marriage.
My Clients Know I'm Different. 
I ask them big questions to reveal big answers.
My focus is conversion and compassion - I believe the two CAN co-exist. 
By crafting brand key messages, communication strategies, email workflows, adverts, web copy, product descriptions, packaging, books, social captions, media releases and personal branding profiles, I connect with the consumer, create a memorable brand, and turn your communications into conversions.
I am honoured to write on behalf of these visionaries:
Grace Loves Lace
 Eye of Horus
Mindful & Co Kids
Ocean Tales
Robyn Carter CFO
Small Business Association of Australia
European Catering
Fine Cultures
Lost Sols
Pollen Cafe
Agio Global
 The Love of Grace
Ollie’s Place
City Chic
 Clover Lane Vintage
Zantika Beachwear
Hotel Space
Holly Sewlightly
Hope and Harvest
AAA Aaron Services
Anna Richards
Nick Barnsdall
With qualifications in creative writing, sustainable fashion and fashion design, I am a proud Oxfam supporter for the betterment of women in the fast fashion system, advocating for sustainable and ethical change in the apparel industry.
I can't wait to meet you, discover your brand, and deliver it to the world! You deserve to be seen and heard. Let me help you tell your story.
With love and gratitude,
Leah xx