At The Written Word Co, my core values are and always will be...


Everything I write has your people at the front of my mind. With compassion for their struggles and desires, every word is intentional. I write for you but most importantly, I write for your audience. Through a childhood steeped in tragedy and love, I have an unshakable gift of placing myself in the shoes of others. I'm an avid believer that without empathy and emotion, your brand is only a product. 


You are full of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and expertise. I simply help you articulate that wisdom succinctly in a way that matters to your audience. I never want your message to be lost in translation. Communication is the secret superpower behind every successful business. It's what separates extraordinary brands from the ordinary. 


With a recognisable brand voice, you're buying yourself freedom. My goal is to help you ultimately build a sellable asset so you can live a life of freedom and to do that, you need to build a brilliant brand. 


I'm all about inviting you to grow your business by outsourcing the things that don't light you up (like copywriting) so you can get on with playing in your creative genius zone. 


We all have a responsibility to do better for people and the planet. With my history in fast fashion, I saw firsthand the devastation that arises when profit overrides humanitarian decisions. I work closely with care-driven companies to deliver their message of hope, healing, and change. Build more than a brand - build a movement. 


I want you to live the life of your dreams via a thriving brand and business. I am inherently interested in a world that empowers women and their daughters and will do everything in my power to elevate you and your brand. You deserve to be seen and heard. 

Leah Elson Copywriter Gold Coast The Written Word Co