How to Build the Sexiest Homepage on the Internet



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No doubt this is the hardest piece of copy to write in your entire business, because it’s the one thing that lures people in and you’ve got, like, 0.00000054 seconds to capture their attention before they blow this joint and fall in love with someone else. 

It’s dating. In business, you’re dating everyone. 

Hey, I’m Leah, and I’m a conscious copywriter and brand strategist, who helps you write something worth talking about. 

All too often, people are landing on your homepage and, poof, they’re gone. That data is depressing. Where’d they go? Did they die? No, they were bored. 

We don’t want your prospects to leave your homepage. We want them to stay. We want them to click. We want them to buy. And then we want them to return.

But that’s a whole other customer journey conversation regarding lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead closure. 

Back to your homepage. You’ll want to start with a killer banner, and the one sentence you choose to write here will either be the life or death of your business - I’m kidding, it’s not that hectic, but it is important. 

The other thing to remember is that your homepage is not a tattoo and it should be updated fairly regularly. As a rule, scan it monthly to check you’re still on brand and en pointe.

This is important: If they’ve landed on your site they probably already know you or why they need your service or product. So, this isn’t about convincing someone they need shoes. It’s about convincing them why your shoes are the best goddamn shoes in the world. 

So, let’s take it from the top down. 


Hero Banner with CTA 

  • The copy here must immediately speak directly to your ideal client or customer 
  • Must answer two questions: WHAT is it and WHY do I need it?
  • CTA must happen before the fold, which is before someone would start scrolling they need to be able to click before they have to do anything 


The Hard Relate 

  • This is the ‘Does this sound like you?’ section
  • Should speak to how your ideal client is feeling 
  • Discuss the key problems or dreamlike state-of-desire for your person 
  • BTW give your person a name, so this feels more personable, otherwise you’re constantly casting a wide net and hoping some random persona will fall into it. My person is called Grace - she owns a  


The Life-changer 

  • One juicy headline that says what you’re going to do for them (the what) 
  • A small paragraph or one-liner to explain how (The how)
  • Essentially this is your solution - it should be unique to you 


Your Juice, Jam, Jazz  

  • What makes you different and extraordinary in this world of competitors 
  • Your juice, your jizz, your jazz, your jam 
  • List those in bullet points or with icons or mini graphics 


Cult Products 

  • Top 2-3 things you do really well
  • Best-sellers 


Optional Video 

Founder’s Note 


Social Links

Journal Feed 

E-newsletter Hook 

Juicy Footer


  • I’m a big fan of CTAs on every section of your homepage. It’s like a train station. You don’t turn up at a train station with only one train. A train station will have options to carry individuals to where they want to go. 
  • Use enticing headlines and sub-headlines, Rather than "Hi, my name is..." you could write, "This is why we’re the best." Or enter the headline for killer story, "Here’s what happened when…"
  • Use ellipses to encourage continued reading
  • Use bullet points and lists (People zone out with paragraphs and walls of text)
  • Showcase words that stand out and are unique to you, but mean something to your ideal client 
  • Cut the crap and say what you mean. In other words, kill your darlings. 
  • Keep your copy left-aligned - centred text is challenging to follow.


And that's it! You now have the SEXIEST homepage on the internet, and you can bet your boujee butt that you'll gain a lot more organic SEO and click-through from your sparkling new homegirl.

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I can't wait to meet you!

Love Leah xx