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Highly recommend Leah!

Working with Leah from The Written Word Co. was such an easy process. From the initial conversation to the actual copy consulting session to dive deep into my brand voice and story, Leah was caring, knowledgeable and passionate about helping me and clarifying areas within my brand that weren't as clear to me, which now are, and she has given me the guidance and ideas to create a brand voice that I am proud of and highly connected to. Highly recommend Leah!

The Written Word Co Socially Squared


You are truly a gifted human with loads of heart!!!!!

Maressa, Whimsically Inspire

It is clear you are about helping a business market from the heart.  You have a way of listening and identifying the essence of a business/brand and h them express it!  I believe you help put words to what people may not know how to express or even realize they need to express. I believe you help businesses expand their perspective and share the humanity behind their product, not just market a product.

I'm actually crying

Josephine Carmela, AlignedFEMME

Dear Leah, WOW I'm actually crying as I read your work!! you are incredibly gifted and aligned with your soul calling!!! And I feel we are aligned to working together- Imagine the ripple!! I think your words are absolutely magical and I’m so thrilled with the direction of where you are taking this. Words cannot describe it, I don’t have the words, haha, it’s just absolutely beautiful. Again, I want to remark on your incredible talent! I'm SO excited that our paths crossed.


You’re so good for my nervous system.

Georgia Rhodes, The Well Nest 
Darling Leah, I’m reading what you’ve written and I’m smiling and going “I want to go to this,” I’m loving it! My first response was this: I feel good. Thank you thank you. I’ve really enjoyed this process of working with you and you’ve been so open to listening. I felt really heard and seen and it felt like a collaboration and a connection. I feel so much calmer and clearer about my business and you have offered above and beyond the time and information required. You make me feel so calm about everything, I love the feeling you create. I’ve absolutely loved and still love working with you. You’re so good for my nervous system. You help me feel held and supported and you’ve got me. I love your copy, I love how you’ve gotten inside my head and sounded like me but articulated it better. I love this journey and hope there’s more. 


An Asset to My Business!

Thank you so much for the Copy Consultation! Amazing! You are SO talented! I love that I now have this Copy document. I CONSTANTLY refer to this when writing for my brand and business planning - it's always open on my desktop. This is SUCH AN ASSET to my business.


Couldn't believe it!

You goddess. I couldn't believe how you captured my soul and business from a 1hr meeting. I cried, laughed and was amazed at the content. I felt my biz was truly represented by your beautifully crafted words. Feeling blessed to have found you and have you as part of our team moving into the future. You have made this process so smooth and seamless. I feel assured my biz will be hitting those new goals very soon. Xx

Xavier Nicolle Website Copywriter Leah Elson


Just spot on!

I have to say the website copy is just amazing. Just spot on! I'm so happy to have found you! Thank you so much, Leah. Well done. It's amazing.


WonderBox Website Copywriter Gold Coast Leah Elson


Wow! I'm SO grateful for you!!!

WOW, you're good. I have goosebumps. Thank you thank you! I'm so grateful for you, I don't even have the words.This has changed everything in my business.


Cares like it's her own brand!

Leah plays a fundamental role within my business, not only is she a soundboard for all content-related ideas, she supports my brand on a personal level and I think that's what I love most about her work.
We've worked together to create a strong brand message and voice, I can't thank Leah enough for all her hard work so far and hope to continue working on the brand together for years to come.

Little Harper Lee The Written Word Co 

Such a pleasure to see your passion.

Thank you, Leah, for believing in us and our mission. It’s such a pleasure to work with you and see the passion you have for our brand and Australian-made products. Thank you!

Grace Loves Lace The Written Word Co


I am SO happy! You're a word wizard.

Thank you so much for the beautiful copy for my brand. You're a word wizard and have absolutely nailed it. I am SO happy! It all sounds so beautiful and I cannot wait to get this up on my website.

Alakai The Written Word Co


Wow! Wow! Wow!

You are amazing and this is amazing!

Pollen The Written Word Co


Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader.

I've enjoyed every minute of working together. I appreciate you.

 The Written Word Co Banner

Leah, it's AMAZING, you're a superstar!!

Thank you so much!! I loooove it. I can’t wait to see it come to life. Thank you thank you xxxx


You've just made my life a zillion times easier. 

OMGeeeeee I.LOVE.THESE!!!!!!!! Ahhh you’ve just made my day! These are awesome. I CANNOT wait to use them.


OMG I am so obsessed with this!

I've been showing everyone. Thank you so so much! This has really helped me get started on formulating some sentences and copy that feels professional and well written.


Thank youuuuuu! xx

I am beyond obsessed with this!!

Eye of Horus The Written Word Co



Thank youuuuu, I can't wait to work with you again. 

 The Written Word Co Samantha Taylor


How did you do this so quickly? It's taken me months to come up with barely anything! I don't know how you do it. 


Off the charts!


I can't wait for this launch, it's going to be off the charts. Thanks heaps again for all your special sauce, and magic self!

Ali Mama Reset The Written Word Co



Anna Rose, Self-love School

This is EXACTLY my energy & thoughts & feels and gahhhhh!! This IS a holy union!!"  


Thank you so much Leah!

Robyn Carter, Robyn Carter CFO 

I'm really happy with everything. 

We love it!

Christina, Moss Living

Thank you! I wanted to personally say thank you for everything you've done for me. We love what you've done! We can't wait to see the new website come to life. I'm so very grateful for all that you have created. 

Moss Living The Written Word Co

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