Lucy Loses a Tooth

My mission is to facilitate difficult conversations in families, build connections and communication, and harness the rare gift of childhood imagination. 

I have been reading to my daughter three books a day every single day since the day she was born (six years!). I truly believe that books not only develop a child's mind, world, and literacy, they act as a portal to communication in a world that so desperately craves connection.

Through a childhood punctuated by tragedy, yet underscored by love, I understand firsthand and am driven by the importance of facilitating those difficult conversations in families during transformational times.

I have studied Creative Writing and Children's Book Writing at the AWC, and am Copywriter and Founder at The Written Word Co. I spent ten years in the fashion industry designing children's wear before becoming a copywriter for illustrious brands.

I hope Lucy Loses a Tooth brings magic and connection into your home in unbound amounts. 

Discover your very own Tooth Fairy Kit.

Lucy Loses a Tooth Leah Elson Book
Lucy Loses a Tooth Leah Elson Book
Tooth Fairy Book Set Leah Elson