Video Script & Marketing

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Ready to be the number one expert in your field? Need to entice more traffic to your site? Want an avenue to enhance clicks to your shop from your weekly e-newsletter?

Video is on the rise. If you're stuck on your delivery every week, but you know your audience needs to hear from you, spoken scripts are for you.

Your email list is an ASSET to your business. If you're a conscious, creative coach or mentor, your e-newsletter is one of THE most crucial elements in your business strategy. A proven formula, consumers are spending 138% more through email than anywhere else. 

And we all know the benefits of a living website. A website without a blog is a dead website - and a dead business.

I've packaged these three essentials together to provide my clients the super stardom product they deserve. 

Price is a weekly investment. 

What You'll Get:

🌟Video Script (Reel, You Tube, Live, Masterclass)

🌟Journal/Blog article

🌟Email newsletter

You'll receive enough content to repurpose wherever and whenever you wish! PLUS done-for-you copy for your socials. 

Let me lead you to stardom.