Brand Voice Box

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Consider this the kickstarter that every brand needs. 

Just starting out? Have a strong brand concept but not sure how to articulate it? Have some thoughts but simply don't know where to begin? Need to pivot or alter the direction of your brand?

Standing out in an ocean of competitors, and whirring your way around a fancy inter web that is OVER crowded with noise, is a never-ending battle for most business owners. 

So, how the actual heck are you going to stand out without flailing your arms and yelling, "Look at me!" 

Your images are one thing - they lure your customer in... but what seals the deal? Your words. What drives a human to be a passionate advocate of your brand for life? Your voice. 

If you don't know where to begin, this is the perfect place for you!

What You'll Get: 

✔️60 Minute Discovery Chat - Let's get across YOU and reveal the inner-most workings of your baby business. 

✔️Brand Key Pillars - Customised exclusively for your brand. 

✔️About Page for Your Website - Essential for SEO and your customer experience

✔️Home Page for Your Website - Essential for driving organic traffic to your store, and encouraging behaviour flow throughout your site

✔️Pillar Communication Guide - Know where and how to communicate your pillars.

✔️Customer Profile - Discover THE most critical piece of your business. 

✔️Brand Values - Get down to the nitty gritty heart of it all.

✔️Key Messages Bank - A hella lot of messages you can refer to for the lifetime of your business, to use across all channels, socials, websites, books, and product packaging. 

✔️Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags for enhanced SEO across your site.

✔️Everything you need to effectively communicate, packaged up with a neat little pink bow. (That's one killer pink bow that knows how to sell the moolah out of your product.) 

Let's build your brand a voice.

Reach out today!


 "I am beyond obsessed with this!! Thank youuuuu! xx"

~ Samantha, General Manager, Eye of Horus. 

"Omg I am so obsessed with this! Thank you so so much! This has really helped me get started on formulating some sentences and copy that feels professional and well written."

~ Madeleine Turney, Founder of The Thought Studio.

"OMGeeeeee I.LOVE.THESE!!!!!!!! Ahhh you’ve just made my day! These are awesome. I CANNOT wait to use them. You have just made my life a zillion times easier." 

~ Nicole Bower, Founder of Ocean Tales.

"Leah, it’s AMAZING you’re a superstar!! Thank you so much!! I loooove it. I can’t wait to see it come to life. Thank you thank you xxxx"

Jacqueline, Founder of Mindful and Co Kids 

"Wow! Wow! Wow! You are amazing and this is amazing!" 

~ Tracy Keeley, Founder and CEO of the award-winning BOOKPLATE Cafe. 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful copy for my brand. You're a word wizard and have absolutely nailed it. I am SO happy! It all sounds so beautiful and I cannot wait to get this up on my website." 

~ Amy Foster, Founder of Alakai. 

"Thank you, Leah, for believing in us and our mission. It’s such a pleasure to work with you and see the passion you have for our brand and Australian-made products."

~ Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace.