Monthly Content Continuity

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Monthly Subscription

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Craving consistency across your brand? The advantages of Copy Continuity are endless. 

If you're looking for a seamless brand voice over all channels, socials, and your website, this one's for you.

Every month, you'll receive ongoing care that covers the copy across your brand as you need it. With a complimentary strategy in place, I'll do all the thinking for you. Or you can simply email your brief and collect your copy!

It's the copy cure that every business needs. 

What You'll Get

First month: Email welcome workflow set up.

Every month that follows:

  • 2 x E-newsletters
  • 2 x Product Push Emails
  • 8 x Social Captions


  • 1 x Media Release
  • 1 x Blog


  • 1 x Collection Narrative
  • 4 x E-comm Descriptions

Schedule a consultation. 

The Perks 

Working together over a longer period will result in continuity and consistency in your copy, captions, emails, and any area in your business that requires the written word.

Continuity in copy yields a cohesive brand message, higher engagement, and a committed audience that is more likely to buy.

Our longer-term collaboration means lower cost and higher value for you. You'll receive the support that you and your business deserve.