Brand Voice & Copy Consulting

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Two-hour session

In-person (Gold Coast) or via Zoom

13 years of experience in digital marketing and copywriting.

All the insight you need to have a better marketing strategy, business model, and brand positioning to reach and connect with more of your people.

  • Create a magical brand voice that gets seen and heard amongst the noise
  • Brilliant campaign ideas
  • Automate your processes
  • Get a sticky slogan
  • Effortlessly call in a community
  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Magnetise more of your people
  • Get clear on your values
  • Know your archetype
  • Enhance all comms and copy 
  • Pricing strategy

Walk away with:

  • A brilliant brand voice guide that you'll be saving to your desktop for reference every time you write a piece of copy (which is every dang day)
  • A productised business (if you're a service-based business) 

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