Memoir Ghostwriting

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Ready to become the leading expert in your field?

Holding some brilliant ideas, but unsure how to structure a book, or even where to begin?

Want to build omnipresence and dominate your space?

Have an important personal story that needs to be shared?

Over the years, I've met many extraordinary humans with extraordinary stories. Like you, they have something to say but don't know how to say it. I have collaborated with business experts and celebrities on their works of written art.

Together, you and I will plan, write, and promote your book.

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You'll reap the rewards for a lifetime, gain notoriety, create a legacy, and change the way your audience sees you and your expertise. To boot, you'll be able to add 'Author' to your bio!

- Title
- Chapter Framework
- Ten chapters
- A one-hour weekly conversation for 12 weeks
- Copy Key Messages for marketing and promo
- Full restructure and edit
- Blurb
- Cover graphics

I know you're a busy superhuman running an empire (or three). I only need one hour of your time every week, for 12 weeks. I'll do the rest. I'll ask you the right questions, ensure your content is resonant with your target audience, and map out a book that's worth buying and talking about.

Your book will be the thing that puts your name on the map. I want to get your name everywhere. 

Sure, this price is a little heftier than the writers you'll find on Fiverr.

That's because I've dedicated my entire life to writing brilliant pieces of work, for illustrious brands, coaches, and personal brands.

Every word here is intentional, grammar-geek-ified, heart-filled, and AUDIENCE-LED. I ask the right questions that make your book a must-read. 

We're here to write a best-seller, not a best-writer that collects dust. 

If you're ready to write and launch an unstoppable book that you can use as a lead magnet, cornerstone product, or marketing tool, reach out today!

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