Monthly Luxe

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Branding, Marketing and Copywriting have become so complicated. I aim to simplify it all with the Monthly Luxe package.

For the Super Boss Lady who has no time whatsoever to write because you're out there growing a formidable, BOOMING business.

You already know you need a copywriter, that's why you're here. Let's do it! 

What you'll get each month:

- 2 x Blog Articles 

- 4 x Email Newsletters

- 20 x Product Descriptions 

- 12 x Reel or Social Post Captions

- Web Copy Refresh 

Let's tailor it to your needs. 

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More About Monthly Luxe:

Grow Your Community AND Enhance SEO with a Captivating Blog!

Writing your own blogs can be time-consuming at best, and leave with you writer's block at worst. 

Not only is your blog an important SEO tool, it has the potential to become your main source of your traffic, only IF the words are elevated with an understanding of your audience in a way that builds your community and sells without selling. 

The best articles engage AND sell, and I've discovered the secrets to making that happen.

Your Blogs Will Include:

✔️300-1000 words depending on subject matter

✔️Search Engine Optimisation - A carefully-worded article to boost your website visibility

✔️Words that sell - directly and indirectly sell more products

✔️Content to repurpose across social channels, email newsletters and nurture sequences

✔️Credibility - Blog articles will help to establish YOU as the expert in your field

✔️Meta Descriptions to enhance SEO

Your Email List MATTERS. 

Email has proven statistically to grow your business, consumers spending 138% more through email than anywhere else. 

Sending a weekly newsletter to your invested audience is the best way to get sales through the door. If they've signed up to your newsletter, you're already halfway there - now you simply need to nurture them. 

Your Product Descriptions are Your Final Chance to Seal the Deal. 

Look, I know you've got your branding locked down. You're clever at marketing and making things look oh-so-pretty - it's what you do best! But here's the kicker: you can get people through the door of your store with pretty things, but to get them to add to cart and actually purchase is a whole new ball game. 

That's why you need dazzling and dependable product description to act as your virtual stylist and sales assistant all in one. 

A Web Copy Refresh? Yes Please!

Reviewing your web copy once a month is ESSENTIAL to climbing those search engine walls and being seen on Google, organically. Your website and your brand is not a tattoo - it's an evolving, breathing beauty, that moves with your audience and the market.

Without web updates, Google thinks your business is DEAD.

A web copy refresh is just what you need to stay relevant, refined, and resolute in your brand. 

In Monthly Luxe, you're getting an EXTREME amount of done-for-you copy that sells and does all the work for you. 

You'll never have to worry about what to say or how to say it again. 

See you on the flip side of your blooming business. 

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