Coaching Funnel

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Do you ever feel like you're not connecting with your audience? As though you have something to say, but don't know how to say it? You want to teach, lead, impact and leave a legacy, but don't even know where to begin?

Welcome to the most critical piece of your puzzle. The secret ingredient is that your personal brand voice is missing. 

I create sales pages and course funnels that connect to your people, invite them into your world, and inspire them to take action. 

Your Sales Page is the most crucial part of your customer journey. The right copy here is key, especially when your product comes with a higher price tag.

With techniques I've been using for over a decade in digital marketing for billionaire coaches, I am thrilled to be able to transition your browsers into buyers!

While your business may be a passion project, I understand it needs to make an income. That's why I write story-led brand copy that sells. 

What you'll get:

✔️ A 30-minute Discovery Call. I want to dive directly into your mind and heart to understand your business and what you're all about! Prepare to get psychologically deep. 

✔️Waitlist Page Copy. Here's where we invite your people to buy into you and your journey in the first place. 

✔️Sales Conversion Sequence. 4 x nurture emails PLUS 4 x sales emails, time-stamped and built to sell, ready for your evergreen or launch program. 

✔️A Landing Page that Sells. Comprehensive, done-for-you sales landing page copy, so your web developer can simply drop in your images and voila! If you’re going to spend a whole lotta cash and time on producing this program, then you’d better be able to sell it first. 

✔️ Launch Timeline. 

✔️ Killer Key Messaging. Fully-customised and branded words that sell; words that matter to your people. This is the social caption library you’ve been wishing for. 

✔️ A Proven Strategy. I’ve sold hundreds of courses already for my clients that amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, and I love watching their evolution and the impact they're having. 

I've worked with the likes of Anna Rose, Nic Pidge, SHE-Inc, Dr. Ali, James Marshall, Nick Barnsdall, Navig8Biz, The Small Business Association of Australia, and a WHOLE host of other geniuses, experts, coaches and mentors. BIG names I cannot mention here because I'm a sworn ghostwriter and stellar secret keeper.

I've built in the hundreds of landing pages and course funnels that sell - IN YOUR SLEEP. 

You're the next big thing. 

Your course funnel is completely customisable, so whether you need the entire funnel or a sales page alone, I'm the word woman to crush your copy and get your launch or evergreen course selling OVER AND OVER again. 

Copywriters charge tens of thousands for funnels - I’m not here for that. 

I’m here to help you connect through the right words so you can succeed, and I’m standing by ready to help.

Bookings are typically taken three months in advance, so if you're even thinking about enlisting help, connect with me today. 

Set your business on auto-pilot - it’s time. 

Get a froth-worthy funnel and book today >>